Athletic Documents

Each student who wants to participate in extracurricular athletic programs at Magma Ranch K-8 must complete the online registration before trying out for a team.  (Register Here) Register My Athlete

Student eligibility is based on grades, behavior, and the stamp sheet program. 

If there are any questions, please contact our Athletic Director, Mrs. Berklan, at (520) 868-7307.

Game Admission

Our calendar has been updated with the various games and locations for the sports offered at Magma Ranch. The admission for the games held at Magma Ranch is $2.00 for adults and $1.00 for students. Children 4 years old and younger are FREE. Gate admissions are the same for each school in the Florence Unified School District.

Magma Ranch Youth Basketball

Team Abbreviations

School Team Legend

 ANT Anthem Eagles
CBCopper Basin Dust Devils
CCRCircle Cross Ranch Cheetahs     
FK8Florence K-8 Gophers
MRMagma Ranch Mustangs
SRSkyline Ranch Bulldogs
WBWalker Butte Coyotes