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 Carl Alisa      calisa@fusdaz.org Technology B104 4283
 Anita Sorensen    asorensen@fusdaz.org  Library  Library  4235
Christopher Vasquez cvasquez@fusdaz.org  Band D101 4231
Michelle Martinez mmartinez@fusdaz.org  Music/Choir/Drama  D102 4230
 Patt Barton pbarton@fusdaz.org Physical   Education  Gym 4233
 Lesley Marshall lmarshall@fusdaz.org Art B102 4232

Contacting a Team Member

 To reach your child's teacher, please contact the main office at (520) 868-7300 and ask to be transferred to their room. Telephone calls received during classroom instruction time will be forwarded directly to your teacher's voicemail so that educational instruction is not interrupted. Teachers check their voicemail before school, during breaks and lunch, as well as after school so that messages can be returned in a timely manner.