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Beyond Textbooks

1.       What is Beyond Textbooks? (BT)

·         Curriculum Calendar of Essential Standards

·         Objectives are chosen because of 3 attributes:  Endurance, Leverage, Readiness

·         Endurance:  Objective provides students with knowledge and skills that will be valued beyond a single test data

·         Leverage:  Objective lends itself to other core disciplines

·         Readiness:  Objective provides students with essential knowledge and skills that are necessary for future success in the next grade level



2.       Why Calendars?

·         Collaboration for teachers – planning and sharing resources

·         Guarantee of Curriculum – consistency across the grade levels

·         Ease of transition – students moving from one school to another will have learned the same content

·         AIMS / SAT 10 Preparation – All Essential Standards are tested by the State



·         Teachers look at curriculum calendars to determine which objectives are to be taught and at what length and depth

·         Curriculum calendars are linked to specific web pages (wiki) with lesson plans and instructional resources

·         Formative assessments are given weekly based on the objectives taught, 5 questions per objective (4/5 or better = mastery)


4.  How are the objectives taught?

·         Objectives are written in student-friendly terms:  “I can convert within the same measurement system using both metric and U.S. customary units.” 

·         Students are presented with Essential Questions which are written at several levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.  Example:  What are the units of measure for  the U.S. Customary system?  When are they appropriate? How do I convert within a measurement system?

·         Vocabulary is introduced and added to word wall

·         Whole/small group instruction which includes:

o        Math Review

o        Conceptual Understanding

o        Problem Solving

o        Mastery of Math Facts

o        Collaboration

·         Hands on activities

·         Formative assessments (Galileo Test Item Bank) – designed to measure a student’s growth past a simple level of basic understanding


5.  Data Analysis

·         Test Results are reviewed by the administration weekly

·         Results are sent to each grade level and students are identified as whether they exceeded, meet, approached, or fell far below expectations

·         Students who met (4/5 correct) or exceeded the standard (5/5 correct) engage in daily enrichment activities, as well as their normal math class

·         Students who scored less than 4/5 go to daily re-teach, as well as their normal math class – re-teach then assess and adjust grade up to 80%

·         Re-teach and enrichment groups are fluid and can change weekly based on formative results

·         Thus we have added extra time in our master schedule for math (and reading)


Quarterly Benchmarks

·         Assessing only those proficiencies taught during the quarter

·         May be used as a final exam for the quarter

·         Weighted as a Mastery Test


Other Assessments

·         Galileo tests on non-essential standards

·         Galileo tests on pre-requisite skills

·         Cyclical review tests

·         Quizzes

·         Project Based learning projects



·         Please contact the school at 520-868-7300 so we can answer any questions you might have regarding Beyond Textbooks.