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Emergency Procedure

Emergency Procedures

Magma Ranch K-8 understands the importance of being prepared in the event of an emergency.  During the year, we will participate in various drills to ensure that should an emergency ever arise that our students are aware of the procedures in place for their safety.  Each drill is outlined on this page and the number of drills we observe during the school year.  

In the event that any of an emergency, a message will be sent home through the Connect-Ed message to inform our parents of the situation specifics.  Connect-Ed messages will not be sent home for each of the drills as we are merely practicing our emergency procedures.  If you have any questions regarding our emergency procedure drills, please contact the school at (520) 868-7300.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Will I be notified when emergency procedures drills are performed?

Answer: No.  We will practice our emergency procedures with students throughout the school year as part of their learning process on staying safe.  Students can certainly share their experiences with their parents.  Should you have any questions about a drill that occurred, please do not hesitate to contact the school and speak to a member of our Administration.

Question 2. What happens to visitors and/or volunteers during a drill and/or emergency situation?

Answer: Visitors should visit the front office to sign-in and sign-out for each visit.  During a drill and/or emergency situation, our front office will review our log and account for all visitors on campus to ensure their safety.  Visitors will be retained with the class they are visiting until the all clear is given.  Should a visitor be leaving at the time the drill or emergency situation occurs, they will be escorted to the closest room and accounted for.  Visitors who arrive during a drill or emergency situation will be given instructions from a school representative or official at the front of the school.

Question 3. As a visitor and/or volunteer do I have any responsibilities?

Answer: YES.  We ask that you follow the instructions provided to you by a Magma Ranch K-8 staff member.  Our role is to ensure your safety while visiting our campus and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.  We will do our best to resolve the drill or emergency situation as quickly as possible.

Question 4. Will I be notified if an emergency situation occurred on campus?
Answer: YES.  In the event an actual emergency occurred on campus (fire, bus evacuation, campus evacuation, or lockdown) the school will send out a Connect-Ed message to all parents with information regarding the situation and the resolution.  As always, should any parent have a question or concern, we as that you contact a member of our Administrative Team at (520) 868-7300.

Question 5. Can I sign my child out or in during a drill or emergency situation?

Answer: No.  Depending on the nature of the situation (fire drill, bus evacuation, campus evacuation, or lockdown) you will see a school representative or police official at the front of the building to provide you with necessary instructions.  We can not stop a drill to remove a student or add a student to a class.  We appreciate your understanding in these rare situations.  Drills are performed as quickly as possible and, of course, any situation that may arise will resolved expeditiously.

Question 6. Are emergency drills announced?

Answer: No.  Emergency procedures are reviewed with all students.  Our drills are not announced as we want students to follow the emergency procedures they have been given whenever the instructions are given.

Fire Drills

Fire Drills are practiced monthly with the students.  Fire Drills are performed at various times of the day to ensure our students are prepared for an emergency at any point during the day.

Bus Evacuation

Students are transported on buses to and from school, as well as on school sponsored trips during the school year.  To ensure our students are aware of the emergency procedures while riding the bus, Magma Ranch K-8 performs the two (2) Arizona State Law mandated bus evacuation drills each year.  One drill is held each semester of the school year.

Lock Down Drill

In the event of a threat in our general area or on the school grounds, we practice lock down drills to show students the steps to be taken to ensure their safety.  Magma Ranch K-8 will perform lockdown drills throughout the school year.