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Saturday School/ Credit Recovery Fees

In the past, although F.U.S.D. received no extra funds to do so, we have provided intersession to K-8 students who have failed classes.  We provided this extra time and instruction to give students the opportunity to learn what they missed so they were not retained,  For the past several years intersession instruction has been free of charge because it was the right thing to do educationally.  Given the budgetary shortfall, our next best option is to now charge for intersession instruction.  The cost of Saturday School for each student who attends will be $25 per credit recovery hour.  Three things are certainly apparent:  1) There are possible retention implications if your child doesn’t attend.  2) Because we are charging, we cannot require, but can only recommend that students attend.  3) We know this will be difficult for many of you who have children who need intersession.

DATES FOR SATURDAY SCHOOL ARE NOT SET UNTIL THE FOLLOWING QUARTER.  Intersession and Saturday School are not the same program.

Intersession Breaks

Fall Intersession               Oct. 3rd through 6th

Winter Intersession        Dec. 19th through 22nd

Spring Intersession         Mar. 13th through 16th

All Intersessions Instruction Days are Monday through Thursdays from 8:00 AM to Noon.  Transportation will be provided.  Speak to a member of Administration for further details.